Xbox One S

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Sofisticada is a skin care brand that translates literally to “sophisticated,” and it certainly lives up to its name. The products are «Locking the skin time,” targeting customers who are concerned with anti-aging products or who want to keep their skin looking and feeling young. Robinsson Cravents developed the identity and packaging for Sofisticada, creating something youthful and radiant.


Hikeshi is a high quality clothing line that belongs to the Japanese brand Resquad. The general concept was inspired on the fire fighters of the XVII century, during the “Edo” Period (now Tokyo). They were considered as high ranked as samurais.
We designed a series of illustrations of these characters using technics inspired in Japanese art from the era. The typographic selection and color palette turns the brand into something modern, but the material’s selection, the composition, and the combination of elements altogether make Hikeshi a timeless brand.