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Welcome to the website of Santa María de Sobrado Monastery – a Cistercian monks community (OCSO).
Here you can find informations concerning the Guest House, a brief description of the daily schedule and contacts of our monastic community.

The goal of our guest house is to receive all who are in search of an adequate place for personal reflection, a spiritual retreat or a peaceful and calm rest.

Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ,
for He is going to say, «I came as a guest, and you received Me»
In the reception of the poor and of pilgrims
the greatest care and solicitude should be shown,
because it is especially in them that Christ is received;
for as far as the rich are concerned,
the very fear which they inspire
wins respect for them.
(Rule of Saint Benedict, LIII)

Our hospitality is universal: our house is open to all. We aim to offer a silent, peaceful and simple space where all can feel welcomed.

Your stay at the monastery can be a time for finding yourself and God, source of communion between all human beings and nature.

If guests would like they can participate in the monks liturgy. We also offer the possibility of a private consultation with a monk.

Our guest house has 22 double rooms and 8 single rooms.

For booking, send an email to:


«Casa del Arco»

…..niebla 238

The “Casa del Arco”, the monastery old audience house, is situated nearly 55 yd distance from the monastery main building. It works as an extension of the main guest house. However, people hosted in this building can access to the monastery and the main guest house amenities the same as the ones who are being hosted in the main guest house.

The «Casa del Arco», due to its own features, is specially dedicated for groups that wish a more independent stay. In the first floor it has 7 single rooms and 7 double rooms, and in the second floor it has dormitories for 20 more guests. In the ground floor you can find a small kitchen, a dining and a living room.


Working days:
7:45 Lauds-Eucharist
19:00 Vespers
21:15 Complines

Sunday and Holidays:
7:45 Lauds
11:00 Eucharist
19:00 Vespers
21:15 Complines



Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa María de Sobrado
15813 SOBRADO DOS MONXES (A Coruña – España)

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